The Lopallovski Bros. are, basically, two bros.

Chiara and Carlito shares a deep passion for the movies… they just love watching movies, and they also enjoy the process of filmmaking. It’s like they were born to be in the motion picture industry. And they’ve got the vision. They are currently based in Rome, although they came straight outta Brindisi (Salento, South Italy).

The elder bro


Chiara is a professional actress and also a martial artist. Her passions spans from music to sport, through activism and other stuff. She starred in full features, shorts, series and commercials. Her dreams are: acting and directing.

The little bro


Carlito is a set lighting technician who worked on several full-feature films, series, shorts and commercials. But he’s also a passionate screenwriter and – for small projects – a real one-man-crew. His dreams are: doing his best on set on other people’s movies and… write and co-direct his own (with his sister)!